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Hi, we’re Green Vida Company!

We are a health-focused cafe and juice bar dedicated to making real food with love and transparency.  We have two locations in beautiful Easton, Pennsylvania.  Our flagship store is located inside Park Plaza in Forks Township and our sister location is located 7 minutes away inside the Easton Public Market in Downtown Easton.

Magic happens when you consume unprocessed, natural foods. Lives can transform. We’ve experienced this first-hand, and it is our mission to share this magic with you.

We provide you with access to clean organic, non-GMO, and local food and beverage options so you can feel empowered in knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body.

We truly understand how the consumption of clean foods can change a life first-hand. As parents of a son with Autism, we’ve experienced the positive effects that a nutritional diet with natural high-quality ingredients had on his physical and behavioral health. 

Our passion lies in creating wholesome, healthy and delicious meals which are preservative-free, gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives and providing this for the community. 

Every ingredient that goes into our products has been carefully chosen with your health in mind and are always of the highest quality fresh local and organic produce. 

Everything on our menu is handcrafted to taste as good as they make you feel. 

And that’s a promise. Your health is in our best interest.



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