What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-press is a two-step process.  Fruits and vegetables are chopped and fall into in a cloth filter bag, then squeezed in a real press.  During the squeezing process the fruit is not grinding against a screen like other juicing methods, it is completely stationary.  It is a gentle, natural process. Nutrients like vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber, living enzymes, and phytonutrients are all contained in the juice. Other juicers extract juice by forcing the plants against a sharp screen and the friction creates heat.  It is important that consumers know the difference.

Cold pressing is the most beneficial way we know of to make juice. It uses hydraulic pressure to extract liquid from plants without denaturing enzymes or damaging nutrients with high levels of heat or oxidation. Our hydraulic press squeezes every colorful, nutritious drop of juice from our organic ingredients while keeping their health-giving properties intact.  We use the best cold-press equipment on the market to be able to bring you the best tasting and most nutrient dense juice available.


Non HPP is Non-High Pressure Processed juice. This means the juice is raw and unpasteurized so it retains its nutrients, enzymes, and healthy bacteria.


Yes, we use USDA Certified Organic produce, and are huge proponents of using 100% organic and local ingredients for our juice.  We believe in providing the highest quality juice to nourish your body.


Refrigerated unopened juice may last up to 7 days from day pressed.


Our juices are so fresh that they don’t contain any preservatives or processing to prolong the shelf life.  ALL grocery store juices by law are required to be heat pasteurized or HPP.


No, expired juice should be discarded and make sure to recycle your bottle!  We are excited announce that we will be switching to glass bottles!


From a nutrition standpoint, yes, but always consult your healthcare provider before making changes to your diet.


YES! Our juice cleanses are very popular and are pre-order only.  We have 3 different programs that can be purchased online.  Please click here  for more juice cleanse information.


Yes, our Flagship address is 1800 Sullivan Trail Suite. 330, Easton Pa. We are in the Park Plaza walk-through.   This is where we produce all our cold-pressed juice almost daily and in small batches.

Our second location is in Downtown Easton at the Easton Public Market!


Being from Colombia, it was important for us to find great Colombian coffee that we could offer at Green Vida—and boy did we find it. Devoción coffee (devocionusa.com) is sourced from small farms in Colombia, dry-milled within days of picking and arrives by air a few days later to their roaster in Brooklyn. They then roast and overnight to us. They are the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee as fast as 10 days after leaving origin. We are literally getting farm-to-cup coffee! The taste is incomparable and you won’t find it anywhere else. Roasting provides only half of coffee’s flavor. Most coffee beans sit in warehouses for months waiting to be bought. Yes, your coffee may be freshly roasted, but how old were the beans?

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See the difference and come to Green Vida to taste the difference.