Juice Cleanse FAQs

Why Cleanse?

We are all trying to be healthier and create longevity and vitality. A cleanse is a powerful way to give your body and mind a complete reset. Think of it as a ‘rejuvenating spa session’ for the inner body – you’re totally nurturing your whole system to restore and revitalize itself.

How does it work?

Well, the body is able to release stored toxins built-up over our lives from the consumption of food, drinks, pesticides, air, and water, and other toxins that we are unknowingly consuming on a deeper level.

When you ingest liquids such as quality cold-pressed organic juices that support your body system in the detoxification process, you’ll develop more immunity, resilience, and strength, as you fuel your body with the adequate nutrition to give it all that it needs throughout the cleanse journey.

Let’s face it – even the healthiest of us make some ‘not-so-healthy’ choices every now and then (balance is so important in life!) and cleansing is a way to give your body back some love.

The good news is that your body is intelligently designed to eliminate toxins and waste, and it works hard every day to do this – we truly are magical! And through a cleanse, you’ll give these systems a helping hand. It’s like giving it a pat on the back and a moment to rest, as you say, ‘thanks, body. I’ve got you now, take a load off.’

Our body’s cleansing systems:

  • Skin (Largest elimination organ)
  • Liver (Main detox organ)
  • Lymphatic System (Carries waste out of bloodstream)
  • Kidneys (Filters metabolic and toxic waste from the body)
  • Lungs (Mucous lining can trump toxins to be released by breathing or coughing)
  • Colon (Absorbs nutrients whilst carrying waste out of the body)

The benefits of taking part in a cleansing & detox program:

  • Better sleep – yes, please!
  • More energy & vitality
  • Weight-loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves digestion
  • Clear & focused mind
  • Energetic and spiritual transformation.


    How do I cleanse?

    During a juice cleanse it is recommended not to have any fiber.  This means no eating solid foods.  Our bodies spend so much time and energy digesting food that the greatest benefit of a cleanse is to avoid this for the day, or 3 days, while on the cleanse.  Fiber-free juices and nut milks are absorbed with minimal work by your digestive system. Remember, you are not depleting your body of nutrients, in fact, you are flooding it with them.  With that said, always “listen to your body”.  If you feel you absolutely need food, have something light like a broth, clear soup, a small piece of fruit with raw nuts or nut butter, or a slice of avocado. These may help if struggling with hunger.  Meditate and be mindful.  Remember why you are cleansing. Be proud!

     How do I prepare?

    Before you cleanse, you need to get your body ready for the experience that is coming.  The cleaner you are to begin with, the more prepared you will be for an all-juice diet.  You will experience fewer side effects, and you will be better able to reap the benefits of the cleanse. Especially for those on a 3 day juice cleanse.  Eliminating processed and inflammatory foods from your diet a day to a few days before starting a cleanse allows you to ingest large amounts of juice and incredible nutrients without shocking your body.  You should eat clean and drink plenty of water.

    Remove or limit the following foods at least a day before your cleanse:




    •cow’s milk



    •nightshades veggies (tomatoes, eggplant, sweet and hot peppers)

    •red meat


    •white sugar


     Will I experience side effects?

    Detox symptoms are very normal during a cleanse and usually mild. The most noticeable symptom people experience on a cleanse is changes in digestion.  You may be eliminating more and for some people less. This is your body adjusting to a period without solid foods.  Continue to stay hydrated with plenty of water and your detox lemonade throughout the whole cleanse.   Although you are drinking juice you still need to drink lots of water! Water helps flush waste through the system.

     Can I still workout?

    Rest is important during your cleanse.  Go to bed early to allow your body to rest and reset during sleep. Keep your schedule light but keep moving.  Don’t do too much cardio or strenuous exercise. Light movement helps circulation and your digestive system moving.  Walks, yoga or Pilates are an excellent form of movement while on a cleanse.

    What do I do after my cleanse?

    Once you have finished your cleanse, we recommend easing out of it.  Although you may be eager to splurge on a big meal please do not. Your body is not ready for that and just as you prepared your body to start a cleanse you need to prepare it to start solids again.  Especially for those on a 3-day cleanse.  It is recommended to start with soups and light meals.  Healthy smoothies, salads, and lean protein are good.  Continue staying hydrated and if possible, continue drinking juice.  Congratulations on completing your cleanse!  Thank you for participating and please tag us in your social media posts and share with us your results.  Happy cleansing!


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