Juice Cleanses

Why Cleanse with Green Vida?

  • Our juice cleanses are made to order and cold-pressed in-house using an industrial juice press that gives us smooth and nutrient intact juice.
  • Made with 100% organic fruits, vegetables, and almonds. 
  • 2 pounds of fruits and vegetables go into each bottle of cold-pressed juice. 
  • Zero water or added sugars are added to our cold-pressed juice.
  • The juices, mylks, and lemonades provided in our cleanses are raw and unpasteurized.  
  • We have developed 3 different juice cleanses for different needs and/or personal preferences.  Available for 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day cleanses. 

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 Our Juice Cleanses

If you’re a newbie to cleansing – welcome! You don’t need to worry – you won’t have to plunge yourself into weeks of intensity – we have cleanse programs designed to suit different levels, lifestyles, and needs. 


Through creating a delicious and supportive program for different levels of cleansers, we offer you the chance to enjoy the process of a full-body reset! By doing it in your own way and enjoying what you’re actually consuming (rather than having to drink boring juices), you’ll feel amazing WHILE you cleanse, not just when you’ve completed it.


 ReNu Cleanse

For: Weight-loss & detoxification

5 Juices, 2 Detox Lemonades per day 

This cleanse is made with low sugar fruits and lots of green vegetables and designed to aid weight-loss and detoxification. The juices and lemonades will help replenish nutrients and strengthen immunity, while also giving your metabolism a boost. You’ll feel a total-body-mind renewal through this program. 

ReNu Juices & Guide  

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 ReSet Cleanse

For: Detoxification & Immunity-Boosting

5 Juices, 1 Detox Lemonade, 1 Almond Mylk per day

The program is great for all cleanse-levels, whether you’re a newbie or have experienced a juice cleanse before. This is our original cleanse program and gives the most variety of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. You’ll receive nutrient replenishment, detoxification, and a boost to your immune system. After 3-days of this cleanse, you’ll experience a full-body reset!  

ReSet Juices & Guide 

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ReBuild Cleanse

For: Physically Active Cleansers

3 Juices, 2 Almond Mylks, 1 Detox Lemonade per day


For fitness enthusiasts who want the energy to sustain their active lifestyles, this cleanse is well-suited to you. You’ll get the fuel and clean energy you need to perform at your best while receiving a deeper cleanse of your digestive system. With protein-packed almond mylks added to the cleanse, you’ll receive more calories than the other programs to keep you feeling strong to rebuild your body.

ReBuild Juices & Guide

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Juice cleanses are pre-order only to ensure freshness. Cleanses are made weekly and must be purchased by Wednesday for Friday/Saturday pick up at our Forks Township location.  No refunds or exchanges.


Cleansing, Fasting, and Detoxing – The Difference

What’s the difference between these three words you’ll often hear as people talk about cleansing?


Cleansing: Cleansing is usually done with herbal teas and fresh fruit juices. It doesn’t necessarily involve complete abstinence from food, but rather, a regime of restricting certain foods and food groups to reset the system.


Detoxing: Detoxing is a deep cleansing program that targets specific toxins and areas of the body. It’s usually longer and more intense than a two or three-day cleanse, and more of a lifestyle overhaul (in the best way!).  While we don’t offer a specific detoxing program, we believe our juice cleanses are a great way to gently detox the body. We always recommend consulting your nutritionist or naturopath for a longer detoxing program while incorporating our nutritious organic cold-pressed juices. 


Fasting: Fasting, in the strictest sense of the term, is abstaining from all food while drinking only water. Fasting with only water is a serious step and should only be undertaken with the help and consent of your health practitioner.


Juice fasting, on the other hand, is an ideal preventive measure that requires you to abstain from cooked and raw food, so that you’re having only raw fruit and/or vegetable juices (as well as water) for a short period of time (two to three days). Since you are absorbing nutrients directly into the bloodstream, feeding the cells, and bypassing the digestive system, juice fasting is still considered a fasting method, rather than a cleanse, which could also involve digesting smoothies or other foods.

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